This database contains information on more than 800 specific Spratling items. There are photos, descriptions, hallmarks, dimensions, original Spratling catalog number (if known), and references pertaining to each specific item. If you have additional information, will you please share it via either the Comment section or the Forum?

A Simple Search:

In the ITEM box, scroll through and click once on whatever category (pin, letter opener, etc.) you would like to search. Scroll down the page and click on SEARCH DATABASE. If you see a small photo and you would like more information on that item, click on the photo or the ID number. You will then go to the information page for that item.

You can search for more than one ITEM by clicking once on the first choice, scrolling to the second choice, and hold down the control key at the same time you click on the second choice. Scroll down the page and click on SEARCH DATABASE.

If you change your mind and wish to make new selections, scroll down the page and click on RESET.

A More Selective Search:

You can select additional criteria other than just ITEM by clicking once on a specific MATERIAL and/or PRIMARY HALLMARK, SECONDARY HALLMARK, TERTIARY HALLMARK, ADDITIONAL HALLMARK. The process is the same as above in the Simple Search. (The only individual box in which you can make more than one concurrent selection, is the ITEM box.)

Example: In the ITEM box, click on Bracelet. Scroll to the MATERIAL box and click on Amethyst. Scroll to the PRIMARY HALLMARK box and click on WS Print Circle. Scroll to the TERTIARY HALLMARK box and click on Spratling Silver. Scroll to SEARCH DATABASE and click. You will have found all Spratling bracelets in the database that include amethyst and have both the hallmarks WS Print Circle and Spratling Silver.

Catalog Number Search:

If you know the original Spratling wholesale catalog number (the current reissue catalog does not always use the original Spratling numbers) you can go directly to the Catalog Number Search and insert the number.

Example: Type in catalog number BOMB-1. Scroll down to SEARCH DATABASE and click.